Climb Your Stairs in Style

July 22, 2016

This year's Venice Biennale focuses on the 'ghosts' of Nordic architecture, many of whom continue to influence contemporary design.

Entrusted with designing the Nordic Pavillion, Norwegian Sverre Fehn centralised the exhibition around a step-pyramid, creating the impression of an amphitheatre to inspire reflection and stoke the fires of discourse surrounding architecture and design.

The step-pyramid is built from Swedish pine and is constructed using traditional techniques, to give the illusion of contemporary Nordic architecture.
The structure is an interpretation of Abraham Maslow's 1954 'Hierarchy of Needs,' in which he uses a pyramid to describe the process of reaching 'self-actualisation.' Using the stages of this pyramid diagram he states that only once all the 'needs' which underpin it have been satisfied, can we reach our full potential.

In this year's exhibition, Fehn uses his step-pyramid to demonstrate Maslow's idea, with each tier leading upwards towards the establishment of a functional society.

It isn't just Fehn who understands how inspiring a staircase can be. Check out the pictures below, which prove that stairs need not be just about functionality, and can actually feature as the centrepiece of your entire design!

Salvage pine natural, Herringbone

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