A Whale of a Time with Interior Design

June 17, 2016

portuguess design firm FCC Arquitctura and interior designer Paulo Lobo have teamed up to create a stuning new barrestaurant that is set to send the heart rates of architecture enthusiasts through the roof.
With its volcanic stone walls and innovative timbei structure,Cellabar(llocated on the West Coast of Pico-one of the nine Azores islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean),is designed to replicate a cross between a whale and a wine barrel,representing its ocean front location and selection of fine wine.


“The building is the result of a regenerative transformation and expansion of a small pre-existing structure that had been abandoned for many years,” said FCC Arquitectura in a statement. “Several features of the environment are present in the architecture of the building, including the outline of the island, rocks, whales and wine casks.”

For the extension they used a combination of timber and cryptomeria (a variety of cypress wood), creating an “organic, dynamic construction that contrasts with the orthogonal, classical language of the building where it is embedded.”


In contrast, the original building is constructed from basalt stone walls and adorned with clay tile roofing, complimenting the style of the region.



Unsurprisingly, Cella Bar is popular with patrons who flock to the distinctive venue for its afternoon tea, tapas dining and live music performances, as well as to admire its outstanding design features, of course.




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FCC Arquitectura Official Site:http://www.fc-arquitectura.com

Paulo Lobo Official Site:http://www.paulolobo.com/