Hunter Gatherer: The Fresh Look of Healthy Living In China

August 12, 2016

Harn Sun knows all too well the challenges that go into educating consumers about healthy and sustainable living in China.
Having been inspired by the farm fresh scene in the US, Harn and her brother Anmao moved to Shanghai to start Hunter Gatherer, the eco-friendly grocery-and-restaurant that has been making waves on the city's 'green scene' since it first opened in 2014.

The Hunter Gatherer venues serve up delicious and organic selections of quick-service food, as well as all natural groceries and chemical pesticide free products. Thanks to Harn and Anmao, who play significant roles in the city's clean living movement, food which is transparent about its origin is no longer hard to come by in Shanghai.

The wall, ZOWIE! (Elm 3D wall cladding) from imondi's Salvage Living Collection

Harn was keen to reflect the message of the brand - one which champions all things natural - in the interior of the venues, using imondi's salvaged products to reflect the farm-to-table fresh mantra in asubtle and modern way.

imondi's wood products add an element of texture against the backdrop of smooth, white walls, something that was important to Harn in the design of each venue. She tells imondi, "Hunter Gatherer is designed to feel comfortable and homey, therefore it was important to use lots of materials and textures."

Table top, Oak Weathered from imondi's American Salvage Collection

This year, whole foods fans can look forward to two new Hunter Gatherer locations in Shanghai.

Salvage Cladding, Zowie!

Slavage Oak Weathered, Plank

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Hunter Gatherer Yanping Road: #105, 135 Yanping Rd., Shanghai (Near Wuding Rd.)