K-studio Constructs Timber Beach-side Barbouni Restaurant

August 3, 2016

Greek firm K-studio has taken advantage of wood's versatile nature to build the Barbouni restaurant on the beach of Costa Navarino, Greece. The structure forms a small pier with heavy timber columns spaced out evenly to support the raised platform, which allows the ocean to seep underneath during high tide. Back along the brush, the covered spaces, including the kitchen, storage, and bathroom, nestle up against the land.  Clad in vertical wooden louvers, the enclosed spaces continue the elegant pattern seen throughout the building. The public seating area exists in an open floor area on the ocean side of the structure. 

The pier protrudes onto the beach with robust columns around the perimeter of the structure to support a floating timber canopy. Fabric sheets hang from the open wooden frame to form a fluid three-dimensional ceiling that sways freely in the breeze. This loose, fluctuating design brings the dining space to life by filtering out most sunlight so that only individual rays dance on the hardwood floor below. The kinetic nature of the ceiling above matches the flowing water below, creating an ideal natural environment in the space between for an exquisite dining experience.

Ceiling fabric is hung on tensile members stretching across the outer frame

Filtered light reaches the ground

Open seating area enjoys views of the ocean

Ceiling view

Salvage Pine Raw, Chevron (Interior Product)

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Source: http://www.designboom.com/