Outstanding Innovation for Weary Travellers

May 31, 2016

For their international airport project in Baku, Azerbaijan, Istanbul-based design studio Autoban, went above and beyond.

Using wood-clad ‘cocoons’ throughout the terminal’s upper level, the airport offers two cafes, champagne/caviar bars, a kids’ play area, spa, beauty shop, bookstore and multiple luggage rooms, all contained within these innovative structures.



The aim of these bulbous-shaped pods is to create a memorable experience for travellers passing through and to give Baku a definitive identity even for those that do not see outside of the airport, meaning that those once gruelling stop-overs are no longer a source of consternation!



Describing the project, Autoban’s design team stated, “the airport was like a huge playground for us to apply our imaginative, idiosyncratic, and human-centered approach to hospitality design.”

Totalling 65,000 square meters, the building expects more than six million passengers per year. Therefore, the project is guaranteed to be admired by a large global audience, gaining both the design studio and the country itself worldwide recognition as forward thinkers in the field of design and construction.


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The source of the pictures: http://www.designboom.com