imondi x Project丨the Flagship Exhibition Hall of AURORA Group

April 15, 2020

imondi's commercial project, the Flagship Exhibition Hall of AURORA Group, as the first LEED V4 gold medal exhibition hall in Shanghai, embodies the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, which shows that the office and life space of AURORA attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of employees, advocates working in a free and open way, and makes people have a sense of office happiness.



The design of the showroom focuses on the simple and neat modern art style, which takes into account the display and practicability. Combined with the characteristics of different working modes, it provides a variety of series combinations, and configures a practical office space full of infinite energy and possibility, so that people can work efficiently and flexibly in a comfortable and artistic space, and realize the new balance between art and practice Office space.



It is divided into two exhibition areas, East and West. The East area is displayed in the concept of office cubicle. The supervisor has an independent office space, and the staff use a more spacious public office space, as well as staff training room and intelligent meeting room.



The west side is dominated by social cooperation space. Office based on activity form is integrated into the overall space, and many shared areas are added. Joint office is used to discuss the relationship between work space and people. It is not only a warm and comfortable resting place for employees, but also a dynamic and diverse interactive space within the enterprise. 



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Shanghai Showroom

Surpass Court, Room 521, Building 5,No.570 Yongjia Road, Xuhui District Shanghai, 200031, China


Beijing Showroom

DXD Design Interconnection Centre D139 Chaoyang Distict, Beijing, 100020, China


Chongqing Showroom

B-LG03 MOCO, Longhu, Yubei District Chongqing, 401120, China


Chengdu Showroom

Tianhe Xi'er Road, Wuhou District Chengdu, 610041, China