imondi x Baptiste Bohu丨Are you aware of the environmental impact of your design?

October 12, 2021

Sustainability is a very important brand concept of Imondi. We want to use this topic to understand how designers apply the concept and application of sustainability in design. Our colleague Emanuele visited the two designers from Baptiste Bohu and had a conversation on this topic.



Baptiste Bohu, an interior design and product designer from France, established his own interior design studio in Shanghai in 2008 and began to design his first living home product series in 2014. In his design, we can always see French, classical and modern, and the mixture of eastern and Western elements.



 imondi project by Baptiste Bohu 

Polux by Paul Pairet, is a French café and casual bistro by Paul Pairet (Mr & Mrs Bund, Ultraviolet) serving light fare with bistro service catering all day in the heart of Xintidandi, Shanghai.


The restaraunt has a big open outdoor space.The restaurant design cleverly combines a mix of various materials, the reclaimed wood floor with the decor tiles, the blue bricks with cement and the industrial wind bare roof and relief ceiling.



The floor is imondi's Barn Oak Antique Lime & Oak, Weathered, selected from the Reclaimed Collection.