Meeting our client--DAFU

October 13, 2021

Last week, Robin, the founder of imondi, visited our client. Their company is building a residential brand that advocates a natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle, called DAFU. The brand's wish is to serve the people who love the world and the society. Responsible institutions provide residential services and real estate asset management services.



DAFU divides its product line into classic, contemporary, and pure. According to the concept of “classic, contemporary, and pure” described by the founder of DAFU, the team of imidi connects the choice and production of the three floors through empathy.



Classic:Main product line with an immersive yet subtle truth, in both material and spiritual aspectsl.

Contemporary:New technology, thinking, innovations. It carries the heritage of the past into a brave new world. Seize every moment of what’s happening now.

Pure:Body, mind and action united in a pure state. Less is more. 



After the visit, Robin said that he was very touched that DAFU was able to deliberately land each living space from the perspective of real life and caring for the family. It is a very loving and responsible brand. At the beginning of the cooperation, DAFU's attitude of adhering to natural environmental protection and recycling and recyclability for the selection of wood products of imndi is still fresh in my memory. Entering every DAFU "home" always gives people a feeling of being able to stay without impetuousness, which is too important for the family.