imondi x Hassell丨Are you aware of the environmental impact of your design?

November 5, 2021

Sustainability is a very important brand value of imondi. We want to use this topic to understand how designers apply the concept and application of sustainability in design. Our colleague Emanuele visited Hassell's designers, Recy Shao & Victor Ung and had a conversation on this topic.


Emanuele, Recy Shao, Victor Ung



There is this idea that goes throughout Hassell of caring for the environment, encourage our staff and our clients to raise awareness of sustainability.


Office cardboard recycling



We have implemented a no single-use plastic day in the company; there are awards for who achieves this the best.

We’ve loved discovering the possibilities of using reclaimed woods; from both the sustainability perspective and the stories behind them.



Office cardboard recycling



Hassell’s sustainability committee is an incredibly motivating force inside our company, there is so much support, training and encouragement , personally we have been enabled to renew both LEED AP and WELL AP.


imondi samples in material room



One of my favourite projects was when we used reclaimed basketball court flooring from imondi as the floors for an office –not just recycling but upcycling.



Nike’s new China headquarters with imondi flooring



The floor is imondi's Sport flooring, selected from the Reclaimed Collection.


About Hassell

Hassell is a leading international design company with offices in Asia, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, with the goal of devoting itself to designing excellent places that are loved by people around the world. Hassell unleashes the social, cultural and economic value of places by combining strategic insights and creative design. Hassell collaborates with the best talents in global research, industry, and design, and is committed to having a positive impact on the community and the environment.