imondi x project:beef & liberty

September 26, 2017

In Shanghai you can now get a taste of Britain, with the opening of Hong Kong restaurant Beef & Liberty’s latest branch in the Ka Wah Centre, providing the city with the joys of British cuisine via lip-smacking tasty Michelin starred meaty goodness.

Beef & Liberty’s  name was inspired by London life in the 18th century, where gentlemen would gather around the finest beef to discuss politics and the intellectual queries of the day. Fast forward to 2017 and imondi’s latest beef is thankfully not with a rival company, but in providing the décor for Beef & Liberty in Shanghai.


The space uses a chevron pattern oak floor custom-created specifically for this venue, hand-in-hand with the designers, AIM Architecture, creating an elegantly, retro ambience. If you were to sit down long enough, it feels as though you wouldn’t be surprised to turn to your left and see Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson tucking into a cheeseburger.