imondi x Reclaimed丨200㎡ of historic wood floors salvaged from the beautiful M on the Bund

December 28, 2022

A piece of unique shanghai history available for any upcoming projects; around 200m2 of historic wood floors salvaged from the beautiful M on The Bund.


Lauan Solid Plank (Sanded & Oiled)


Lauan Solid Herringbone (Original Lacquer)


Available for immediate loading


As a company whose key value is sustainability, imondi has been rescuing wood with unique history from all over the world to recreate unique reclaimed products with inherited craftsmanship. About half a year ago, we have received a missiont to recycle the wooden floor from the well-known restaurant, M on the Bund.

We collected the flooring and transported it to imondi factory. Our creative craftsmen to carefully turn them once again into something extraordinary. These old wood have been given a new life, quietly waiting for the next journey. 



These floors have witnessed the 23 years of glorious history of M Restaurant Group as a pioneer of high-end western food in Shanghai, and how many celebrities have left their footprints on them.



We pride ourselves on rediscovering the beauty of the past and creating the opportunity for these unique products to be appreciated and shared by the generations of the future… and in this way, imondi transforms unique histories into living memories.

 M on the Bund 米氏西餐厅 

M on the Bund, a high-end western restaurant in Shanghai, started in 1999 and ended on February 15, 2022. Located on the top floor of the historic building at No. 5 on the Bund, M Restaurant Group is a pioneering collection of award-winning restaurants and lounges in China, and has hosted countless famous people for 23 years.


In 1989, Australian cook Michelle Garnaut—the signature ‘M’—opened M at the Fringe in Hong Kong, one of the first restaurants with a new take on modern/contemporary fine-dining in the city.


It was a runaway hit, and ten years later she took a daring step and opened M on the Bund in Shanghai, at a time when the historic waterfront was known mainly for dilapidated offices rather than the lively nightlife scene it has since developed. She tested the waters first with a stint cooking at the landmark Peace Hotel, and in the end the gamble paid off. 



On January 1999, M on the Bund officially opened. The designer gave this former historic Building, which was built in 1927, a new imagination, so that this award-winning restaurant combines the style of old Shanghai with the modern design elements of the 21st century. Sitting in the restaurant, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Bund; Standing on the terrace outside the restaurant, you can overlook the Huangpu River and Pudong on the other side. All this makes M on the Band a symbol of modern Shanghai.



Delicious food in a chic, comfortable environment are ideals embodied by both restaurants, with classics like M’s Crispy Suckling Pig and M’s Very Famous Pavlova always greeting diners, along with seasonal specialities, fresh, homemade bread and signature cocktails, all made from scratch. 


The story of M on the Bund in Shanghai for 8338 days witnessed the development of high-end western food in Shanghai from scratch. As the founder-Michelle Garnaut said on their website: Alas, 'tis time to bid farewell~