imondi x Reclaimed丨The Story of "VENICE"

April 22, 2020



The story of "VENICE"


In the historical town of Venice, ‘briccole’ or oak poles jut out from the surface of the calm waters of the Venetian Lagoon.



These are the undisputed trademarks of the city of Venice. They are oaken stakes planted in the seabed and used to reveal the waterways and tides to incoming vessels.



On average the stakes in the lagoon last for up to 50 years, then corroded by the tides, they have to be replaced periodically. A main feature of the stakes, which also serve as a natural habitat for the sea's fauna and flora, consists in the traces left by ship worms. These are long shellfish which burrow through the wood, leaving perfectly round holes and go on to create designs and silhouettes which are very suggestive.



Over the centuries the mineral deposits that have leached into the wood cause it to develop intriguing colors and the natural “water-embedding” processgives the wood incredible density and stabilitySubmerged in water and tempered by salt, exposed to the weather and sculpted by shellfish, this highquality oak becomes in the course of time a wood absolutely unique.



Working directly with the Venetian authorities, imondi was the first company outside Italy permitted to give a new life to this unique and rare resource.