Exotic Reclaimed

The Exotic Reclaimed Collection represents the essence of imondi’s spirit, a collection of one-of-a-kind floors made using reclaimed woods sourced from all around the world. Working with wood rescued from derelict boats, barrels, navigation poles, doors, and bridges, imondi endeavors to make floors that highlight the materials from which they are derived, infused with the spirit of innovation, playfulness, and an incredible history. Reclaimed Oak, Jack & Jim The history of the simple barrel is a fascinating one, as it was one of the most commonly used methods to transport goods up until the 19th century. Nowadays only a handful of cooperages remain, but imondi is committed to finding the finest grade, vertical grain oak barrels. The interior of the barrels are scorched by hand, then a branding iron applied, and after an extended period of making some of the world’s finest whiskies, imondi cooperates with several leading distilleries internationally to repurpose the material to create a floor that is dear to the heart of both whisky and wood aficionados alike. Reclaimed Oak, Venice In the historical town of Venice, ‘briccole’ or oak poles jut out from the surface of the calm waters of the Venetian Lagoon. Over the centuries the mineral deposits that have leached into the wood cause it to develop intriguing colors and the natural “water-embedding” process gives the wood incredible density and stability. Working directly with the Venetian authorities, imondi was the first company outside Italy permitted to give a second life to this unique and rare resource.