Under Floor Heating

When considering the installation of hardwood floors over heating systems (FHS), imondi understands the value and demand of this commodity.
We carefully engineer wood floors that can be installed based on 2 main heating techniques:


Electric Cable Mats

  • Constant heating
  • Installed over plastic foam and insulation screed
  • Distributes heat evenly throughout


Water Pipes

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Pipe system (mainly copper) with warm running water throughout in a cement or floating screed
  • Thermal and phonic insulating plates
  • More affordable to run and allows reversible temperature control 

Our wood is assembled with natural oil or lacquer finishes that allow the planks to breath and adapt to heating systems. The multiple layers on imondi floors minimize expansion and contraction whilst ensuring a longer life expectancy.
Whether the installation is for a renovation or a new construction, it is important to consider the following points before installing our floors.

  • All plasterwork should be finished 14 days ahead of wood installation
  • Plaster should be below 2% moisture
  • Gradually increase FHS to (2°C/35.6°F) a day until the appropriate temperature has been reached within safety temperature limits
  • Run heating system at full temperature before installing
  • Test controls and then turn off for 48 hours
  • Hardwood floors should be installed 72 hours after the heating system has run at full temperature
  • Do not leave boards in a humid cold place and then transfer into a warm moist room
  • Avoid exposing boards to humid or damp environments
  • aximum floor surface temperature must be (27°C/79°F).


Warning: Make sure FHS has device controls for boiler and pump to prevent temperatures exceeding safety limits for wood flooring (27°C/79°F).

  • Some advantages of FHS are:
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Higher temperature comfort levels
  • Better use of space