Designers are Utterly Floored at imondi Lecture

July 26, 2016

Last month imondi invited a group of Shanghai's most prominent interior designers to hear how wood flooring can be used in their work. 
The event was held at one of the city's Naked hub co-working spaces, who happen to be one of imondi's esteemed clients, meaning that those in attendance were able to see first-hand the effect of using imondi products. 
Led by Lisa, imondi's co-founder, the talk provided designers more information on imondi as a brand, their different products and guidance on how to install wood flooring correctly, as well as interesting facts about the history of different wood types and useful tips on their maintenance. 

Not only were audience members astounded by the versatility of wood, with its wide range of colour and fitting options, they were also impressed by imondi’s commitment to sourcing high quality wood, as well as their dedication to developing durable products. 
Explaining that it is not just different types of wood that contribute to different looks, but different parts of each tree as well, imondi inspired a whole new approach to use wood products. We can't wait to see this put into practice by the talented audience members! 

Naked hub's choice:

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