Don’t Waste Your Time, With Anything But ECO-FRIENDLY Design

April 5, 2016

You’d be mistaken for thinking that imondi’s outstanding reclaimed wood is destined only for your floors. Our products are incredibly versatile and can be used to enhance any aspect of your space, be it the floors, walls or even the objects within the room itself. Take the stunning V-Cafe in Nanchang for example, which uses imondi’s Pine Veneer product on its walls and plant bases.

This space demonstrates the true adaptability of imondi’s products, as it also showcases our Oak Weathered product (see below).

This combination of rotten steel boards, reclaimed wood, old bricks, dry branches, concrete and green plants, provides a relaxing atmosphere, whilst representing an innovative eco-friendly design that looks great.

If you’re looking to capture rustic sophistication and create eco-friendly designs that look fantastic, WASTE NO TIME in visiting imondi’s website –, or checking out our LinkedIn page ‘imondi Flooring.’