imondi x Goose Island

July 3, 2017

Well-known brewery Goose Island open its first brewhouse mid-February in Shanghai‘s Jing'an District.

Covering a total area of ​​nearly 1,200 square meters, its second floor can accommodate 220 people for both drinking and dining. With its transformed Shikumen exterior, internally its decoration makes use of American industrial style, proving an overall simple and clean feel that results in a stylish and elegant visual experience.

The bar combines different functional areas to create comfortable new sense of space through a collision of new and old. On the first floor, its rich modern atmosphere moulds with the Shikumen red and white brick walls in complimentary fashion, making clever use of imondi old wood (Salvaged Collection) products in the United States series Weiser (Weathered) floor (Salvaged US Oak, Weathered flooring). The use natural colours in the aged wood creates a space with a light tone and bright sense of vision.

At the same time, the texture of the old wood is full of history, giving the building a primitive rustic atmosphere. The bar, with its open-style wine area neatly arranged around stainless steel wine cans, makes it a space full of vitality.

Beyond this, the second floor also provides a further visual feast. Black wooden tables with leather sofas create a refined and elegant atmosphere that is ideal for a private meal or a celebration. The flooring extends the space’s visuals by elegantly linking with the second floor terrace. From the winding trail to the second floor of the wine bar area, like Goose Island’s  endeavour to consistently explore through innovation, their brewhouse provides an experience like no other in Shanghai.