Jack & Jim : The Rich History of the Whiskey Barrel

April 26, 2016

imondi is dedicated to delivering the highest quality wood to our clients. We offer unique products that will give each space the distinctive character it deserves.

Our Salvaged Living Collection uses wood rescued from derelict boats, barrels, navigation poles, doors, and bridges. We endeavour to use these products in a way that highlights the materials from which they are derived, infusing interiors with the spirit of innovation, playfulness and an incredible history.

The roots of this collection’s Jack & Jim product are particularly interesting, with the name being inspired by the world famous whiskey brands: Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

Below are pictures of our outstanding Jack & Jim product. The example you see below is the stunning Jack & Jim, Grey, which is scorched by hand during the coopering process, resulting in the rustic elegance you see here.

Jack & Jim, Grey

Proving how versatile this reclaimed wood can be, we also offer the beautiful Jack & Jim, Natural, brushed and oiled, allowing you to harness the rich heritage of this range in two distinctive styles. 

Jack & Jim, Natural

If you think your establishment deserves the use of our unique reclaimed wood, check out imondi.com, or visit our LinkedIn page, ‘imondi Flooring.’