Japas: Orient meets Occident in Macau

April 12, 2016

Last year, world renowned chef Anthony Sousa Tam added a brand new Macau restaurant to his well-known Japas collection.
The restaurant name relates to the style of food, which is a unique fusion of authentic Japanese cuisine and delicious Spanish tapas (you get it, Ja-pas!). By combining ancient Japanese starters and ingredients that are prepared using modern methods of healthy cooking, Japas aims to bring their guests healthy food that tastes sensational.


Like the food, the interior of Tam’s restaurants work in unison with the local surroundings, delivering a natural ambience in order to make patrons feel comfortable and relaxed.This is particularly true of the new Macau addition, which uses imondi's Salvage Oak, Weathered for the wall cladding, accompanied by 19 gorgeous custom made dining tabletops of the same material, in order to convey rustic elegance.