Mr & Mrs Fox Restaurant Wins “Best New Restaurant”, Tatler HK

March 1, 2017

The Mr & Mrs Fox restaurant’s rustic-meets-ritzy interiors perfectly combines imondi’s Salvage Oak Raw old wood floorboards together with other resplendent elements in a single space. With children’s classic fables as design elements of the restaurant’s interior, they have created a dining atmosphere that is playful yet stylish. The breathtaking display of the “den” on the restaurant’s third floor adds a further sense of mischief to the restaurant. All guests have to do is slowly stroll up the stairs to reach the walls of the large bookshelves of Mr Fox’s library. Behind these shelves full of the fragrance of books, hides an outdoor terrace and private rooms. These concealed private rooms can seat up to 24 guests, and provide a nice quiet and relaxing leisure space within the bustling city. 

Mr & Mrs Fox has three floors in total and 250 seats. Besides a series of special custom-made family furniture, placed throughout the restaurant are a number of rare playthings gathered from antique markets all around the world. In order to create a comfortable and natural dining atmosphere, the designers put a lot of careful thought into many of the details in the restaurant, such as the wooden crossbeams, handmade kitchen cabinets and old leather upholstery.  Imondi’s Salvage Oak Raw made from 300 year old Oak beams and side-boards rescued from derelict old farms houses & barns, collected from all over Europe matches this perfect interior, perfectly…