Reclaimed Wood : Stunning and Sustainable

April 22, 2016

April 22nd marks Earth Day. This annual event is designed to raise awareness for the issues that threaten the safety of our planet and encourage people across the globe to adapt to an environmentally friendly way of life.

As well as looking incredible in any space, imondi’s products endow used material with new life, significantly limiting the waste of valuable resources and preserving our forests by reducing the need for virgin timber. 

imondi is doing its part to spread environmental awareness by sponsoring Shanghai’s annual SPRING FAIR event, which runs from April 5th – May 2nd 2016 in Shanghai World Financial Centre. We are showcasing our products and services to discerning designers and eco-enthusiasts alike, as well as those who are just curious to know what World Earth Day and the concepts behind it are really all about. 

The event focuses on ecology and sustainability; in particular how these can be applied in business to ensure your work does not harm the planet. 

In order to demonstrate the benefits of using reclaimed wood, we contributed four square meters of our elegant Elm Gloss flooring, as well as five custom-made stools using our Salvage Pine Paint. Taking a seat on an environmentally friendly stool whilst stepping over sustainable flooring, event goers were able to see first-hand just how beautiful reclaimed wood products can be.


custom-made stools

If you are interested in applying an eco-friendly approach to your space with any one of our stunning products, visit or check out our LinkedIn by searching ‘imondi Flooring.’