Hiro Namba, Creative Director

March 6, 2015

Hiro Namba is the Creative Director, China for JAB Anstoetz, which specialises in home furnishng products. He is resposible for designing and decorating the retail spaces for all of JAB Anstoetz retailers.


How did you discover you had a talent for design?
I was always interested in art and design as a child, and I decided to pursue my career in this direction when I was in university. I chose my major in art history as I thought that the exposure in different forms of art movements in history would provide a good foundation for pursing in any careers in art and design, which has proven true today.


Describe your style?
It is eclectic as I have been exposed to different cultures in the world. I grew up in Japan but I have spent some time in the US and Europe and I currently live in China. It can be charaterized as simplicity of the orient in bold color contrasts of the west.


What inspires you today?
Tradition and history. I don’t see any values in design for the sake of consumption. I am interested in revitalizing traditional arts and crafts and adapt the materials and skills in interior design. I want to pursue design that will have meaning after decades and centuries.

What’s your creative process
I don’t have any formalized process but I use my hand instead of computers.


What is the one thing in your home that makes you the happiest?

Many people listen to music while completing daily tasks or working as it’s known to promote a “positive mood change and enhanced perception on design and ideas.” If there is a soundtrack to your life, what would be on there?
J.S.Bach Goldberg Variations


What advice would you give to students and young designers?
Embrace life and live fully.