Robin Dell, Founder

February 6, 2015

We’ve all heard the phrase about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure. Once you’ve met Robin Dell, however, that phrase takes on a new, more meaningful significance.

Robin is the founder of imondi, who stumbled backwards into woodworking. Though his life now revolves around transforming wood salvaged from soon-to-be torn down buildings into beautifully crafted wood floors, Robin worked as a consultant following his graduation from the London School of Economics.

"Well, my background is actually in consulting but I soon felt my spirit confined in a conventional office so I travelled to Brazil in search of the perfect hammock!“

Not only did he find the perfect hammock he soon discovered his true passion; reclaimed wood. Robin was first introduced to reclaimed wood over a decade ago while helping a friend renovate their home in Buzios, one of Brazil’s most upscale seaside resorts. After being inspired by the natural beauty of wood and the wonderfully imaginative and unique pieces from salvaged wood, Robin moved to China to turn his passion into a business.

From there, the pieces essentially fell into place and now after more than 10 years as a bespoke wood flooring maker, Robin hasn’t looked back since. “Creating a wood flooring company was a path I never intended. I never imagined I would be looking all over the world to check out Hungarian railroad cars, or huge wine barrels from vineyards in France and abandoned piles of wood from ancient Chinese temples in the quest for one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood that would eventually end up as someone’s floor, staircase or rooftop. I just love the character of reclaimed wood, there is so much history and fascinating stories worth retelling.”

Indeed, if everyone of imondi’s reclaimed floor collection tells a story,Robin enjoys being the globe-trotting detective who unearths it.